One of the significant challenges of orthodontics treatment is tongue thrust, in particular the occult cases

Dr Michael C C Ho

Tongue thrust, aka immature tongue function or infantile and teeth apart swallow. In the more severe cases its rehabilitation may involves multiple disciplinary treatment. In additions to orthodontics , speech therapist or myofunctional therapist aiming to educate the patient. The family to be aware of their dysfunctional posture and swallowing and habits should be included in the treatment plan.

Generally it is easy to identify clinically by anterior/lateral open bite and/ or diastema.

The tongue thrust swallowing is characterized by a recoil of the head. For the most part they are easily identified except for ……

When is a tongue thrust not so obvious ?

Tongue thrust may be hidden by a strong or stronger retractive force of the lips. It is a well accepted “law” of orthodontic mechanics…

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