Case Brief

This is an early intervention case starting at age 9. It was established very early that RME will be as a fixed appliance as Liam is unlikely to comply with self imposed daily use. He is happy to have the fixed appliance. He is slightly apprehensive. I assessed him to be a good candidate as he has realistic expectation and is likely to be compliant.

Pre-Op Records and Assessments

  • Age : 9
  • Sex : Male
  • Analysis
    • Mixed dentition normal for age
      • Class 1 molar with deep bite
      • Upper central diastema – Tongue thrust may be a contributing factor

    • Moderate to severe crowding as seen on OPG
      • Unerupted 23 – tipped at nearly 45° mesially
      • Unerupted 32 – rotated and entrapped. Deciduous 73 has not exfoliated because the 32 is not aligned with the root tip of the 72.

Treatment Plan

  • RME – fixed appliance for 3 to 4…

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