Need to establish that you are willing and able to follow through

  • WILLING = Compliance, Motivation and Patience – Orthodontic treatment can months or years to complete
  • ABLE = Has the dexterity to place and remove the aligners during the course of treatment

The best thing about doing aligner orthodontics is that you can take them off when you are eating and cleaning your teeth and replace them when you are done.

The worst thing about aligner orthodontics is that you can take them off and not replace them

Dr Michael C C Ho

Case Management

Patient selection

Case management must always start with PATIENT SELECTION. At the most basic level the success of aligners orthodontics treatment require PATIENT COMPLIANCE. Orthodontic treatment of any form, fixed or removable, really does not work well without patient compliance. This is the first thing a clinician must establish.

The emphasis is on assessment of compliance. Non compliant candidates should not be started as it is doomed for certain failure.

The established protocol is a minimum of 22 hours a day application or wear of the aligners – There is some leeway of course. You can bend the rules occasionally for special events such as a public address or presentation, weddings etc.

Case selection

Functionality is the reason that I, as a dentist, prescribe orthodontic treatmen; to give my patient a better occlusion/ bite and to align gtheir teeth for easier maintenance. Cosmetic is the patient’s call. However it should be noted that functionality and cosmetic are not mutually exclusive. Generally functional occlusion that is aligned is cosmetically pleasing. The converse may not be true.

Once the case has started patient, motivation must be maintained and if not the result will be compromised. The key is monitoring and communication. Periodic progress scan and review gives both the patient and the clinician impetus during the course of treatment.

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